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LYCRA® Moves


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LYCRA® Moves

Discover our latest moves: See our new LYCRA® brand commercial by simply scrolling to the right.

The LYCRA® brand is moving the world in fresh and exciting ways with a new, clearer consumer brand architecture and stunning brand campaign.

For more on the LYCRA® brand world please visit:

LYCRA® Moves Consumers

We've made it simpler for consumers to understand the benefits that LYCRA® fiber brings to different garments with the launch of a new consumer brand architecture: LYCRA® brand (master) and 4 sub-brands – BEAUTY, SPORT, ENERGIZETM and XTRA LIFETM.

Each one comes with a fresh new consumer-tested hangtag, designed to help it move off the shelves even quicker.

Freedom, movement, comfort

Control & shaping

World-class physical performance

Unbeatable garment resilience

Well-Being, wellness

New Brand Architecture

Each one clearly communicates the following key benefits:

Hexa Swim
Hexa Fusion
Hexa Compression
Hexa Dual
Hexa Shape


UNSTOPPABLE technology by LYCRA® brand is designed to resist chlorine degradation, helping swimsuits keep their shape and fit for longer.


FUSION technology by LYCRA® brand stops ladders appearing in hosiery.


POWER technology by LYCRA® brand provides POWER for high performance and outstanding comfort.


With dualFX® technology by LYCRA® brand, jeans can be created in all kinds of cuts, colours, fits and finishes – including ultra-distressed styles.


SHAPING technology by LYCRA® brand is powered by The Science of SHAPING, designed to help smooth the silhouette while giving freedom of movement.

Technology Platforms

Our portfolio of LYCRA® brand innovations will be communicated to the trade through a choice of new and exciting technology platforms, each clearly explaining their key benefit. Some examples are shown below:

LYCRA® Moves Us

Nobody's as passionate about the LYCRA® brand as the people who live and breathe it every day. So we asked some of them to explain how we will be moving consumers, brands and business in the coming months.

DENISE SAKUMA reveals the secret of the LYCRA® fiber.

BOB KIRKWOOD invites you to move your business with the LYCRA® brand.

JULIEN BORN talks about the importance of a strong brand strategy in the South Asia/Asia Pacific markets.

MAX WIESENDANGER tells how the LYCRA® brand will ACTIVATE both trade and consumers globally.

JEAN HEGEDUS explains why the LYCRA® brand fits perfectly with the denim industry

LYCRA® Moves Business

We're very proud of the relationships we enjoy with our many customers. Here, some of them explain how together with INVISTA they're shaping trends and moving our industry in exciting new ways.

LYCRA® XTRA LIFE fiber adds value for Carvico.

Doris and LYCRA® fiber, a match made in hosiery.

Penn Textile Solutions uses LYCRA® fiber in their latest
Power Lace innovations.

Codentel always uses LYCRA® fiber in their lace fabrics.

Bossa Denim and the benefits of working with LYCRA®.

Why LYCRA® XTRA LIFETM fiber is a must have in swimwear

Lycra Moves You

From September, we'll be investing in an important new LYCRA® brand campaign that is set to move consumers worldwide.

Get a taste of what's to come with exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and previews.

LYCRA® is a trademark of INVISTA